Greenhouse Polycarbonate

ONLY the highest quality materials are used in production.

The roof of the greenhouse is 100% protected from tearing by wind.

Two modes: airing and full opening.

Removable roof will keep the greenhouse in winter, and under the spring snow, you will find the snowdrop.

Assembling one greenhouse, it will not take you more than 40-50 minutes.

The Delta-Park guy Duet-11 and Solo-11 gather on the ground in length, to infinity !!!

The Delta-Park greenhouse of polycarbonate is perfectly installed on the Delta-Park greenbeds:

  • GU, height 36 cm.
  • GL, height 19 cm.

Delivery can be FREE, they are placed in any car (120x80x10 cm)!

One-run greenhouse Solo-11 (North)

(102x72x77 сm.)

The construction of the greenhouse allows growing it only from 1 (one) side.

Double-run greenhouse Duet-11 (North)

(102x101x70 см.)

The construction of the greenhouse allows growing it in 2 (two) sides.

Where to buy Delta-Park products? You can choose yourself or write us.

All Delta-Park products are shipped only in the original packaging!