Ready-made greenbeds

Especially for those who do not want to grow much, we have made sets of small galvanized beds of GM and GS.

They are NOT worse than high beds GU and standard beds GL, but they are completely ready for installation, and they can be delivered to the site quite simply, on any car and on public transport.

Ready-made greenbeds GM and GS are sold ready sets and differ only in height:

  • GM100-2 - 19 cm.
  • GS100-2 - 14 cm.

Everything necessary to assemble the ready-made galvanized layers of GM and GS, already in the package!

The size of the finished bed of Delta-Park will always be 1x2 meters (100x200 cm).

Everything about ready-made greenbeds

Thin, light and elegant, look great, in small areas, not inferior
height of beds GL.


The lowest and most inexpensive beds created in our production.

Perfectly fit, for cultivating everything that the “soul desires”, decorating your
favorite site.



  1. Boards for beds of galvanized steel 100 cm long – 6 pcs.
  2. Cross-section Screed from galvanized steel from the collapse of beds – 1 pc.
  3. Self-tapping screws for the installation of a transverse screed on the bed – 2 pcs.
Item code Thickness Width Length Weight Scope
cm. cm. cm. kg. m3
GM100-2  3,6  38  102  9  0,014
GS100-2  28  7  0,011

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All Delta-Park products are shipped only in the original packaging!