Home garden

We created a solid Home Garden design for Delta-Park with phytolighting.

Cultivate everything your heart desires:

  • sprouts
  • greenery
  • berries
  • vegetables
  • flowers
  • and even animal feed.

You can install it on a window or on a table, in one tier or several.

Models of Home Garden Delta-Park differ only in a luminaire:
LUM - a luminaire with a fluorescent phytolamp.
LED - LED phytolamp.

All Delta-Park home gardens are fully produced in our manufacturing in St. Petersburg.

Which is more suitable for you - choose!

Everything about Home Garden

1. Modular construction

2. Reusable use

3. Plant roots are not damaged

4. Ability to install anywhere

5. Perfect light for plants at adjustable height

 Home Garden LED Home Garden LUM
Product (cm.) 60x67x27
Packaging (cm.)  67x30x11  67x34x11
Voltage (Volt)  220
Power Consumption (W)  15  18
Weight (kg)  5  6

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