We are open to cooperation in all areas of our company:


  • We invite to cooperation retail stores (networks) and wholesale trading companies that sell goods for home and give their customers.


  • We use in our production a huge list of different materials and semi-finished products.
  • If you manufacture or sell quality materials, we are open to long-term cooperation.


  • Modern technologies are developing so quickly that no single enterprise is simply able to possess all the technologies for producing final products.
    We invite companies with high competence in their field to cooperate.
    We also participate in various cooperative chains, helping our partners produce worthy products.


In recent years, it has become possible to combine free creativity with a flexible work schedule.

  • We invite people who have knowledge and capabilities in completely different areas: artists and designers, designers and inventors, electronic engineers and engineers, programmers and builders.
  • We constantly have a need for your talents and creative approach to solving problems.

On all questions you can contact us.